Pocket Voltex

A tiny controller for K-Shoot MANIA/Sound Voltex or other similar games

Current status 2018/07/27: Prototypes were greatly delayed, should be here in 2 weeks. Then test, then for sale.

Interested in the next batch? Put your name down here. I am hoping to open orders in late June now. The price of the controller is $90 + shipping (assembled) - I hope to have free shipping for the next batch


Questions? Shoot me an email.


What’s in the box?

How hard is the DIY kit?

Assembly should take about 15 minutes. You will be required to solder 7 Cherry MX style switches. You will also need to screw the case together (16 bolts, 8 nuts) and attach the 2 knobs. This requires a 1.5mm hex driver (provided).