Here’s the latest and greatest progress update - if you’re signed up to the mailing list, you should have got this in email form too!

TL;DR: I have to fix some design aspects and produce advertising materials and we’re good to go.

Here’s a picture of a pre-production unit

What’s new?

  • Hotswappable switches
  • USB C
  • 30% bigger FX buttons
  • Straight FX buttons
  • Stabilisers for FX (no more “hit the edge, it’s mushy”)
  • Wider knob design (closer to real muscle memory)
  • Artwork is now a paper cutout - make your own waifu art!
  • PCB is now designed using KiCad, making the Pocket Voltex even more open!

What’s blocking the next batch

  • The paper cutout was the wrong size
  • The paper cutout lets through way too much light and the LEDs are far too obvious
  • Still waiting on new box designs
  • No single supplier has enough encoders (for knobs) for a production run. I hope I don’t exhaust the global supply…

What are you doing to fix it?

  • Have contacted my manufacturer to rectify the cutouts
  • Have ordered both white and mirrored acrylic to explore more reflective layers
  • Once these are confirmed it’s a moment’s decision to move to the new material
  • Boxes should be here in a week

When can I give you money?

  • Best estimate? 3 weeks. You’ll receive an email if you signed up!

Will I get one?

There’s currently 3x more people signed up for updates than I plan to produce boards for. It’s quite possible you might miss out. What the hell, mon!? Produce more boards! If there are unforseen issues with this batch, I will bankrupt myself. If you happen to miss this batch, please await the next - once ~30% of orders from this batch are delivered and I confirm they work fine, I’ll order a lot more to fulfil demand.

It might be a while, but I don’t have any plans to stop producing these until they stop selling. Thank you everyone for your continued patience while I work out how to mass manufacture my designs ❤.